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book news

Want to know what’s coming up in the world of Welsh books? In this section we will be publishing news from Welsh publishers just as soon as we get it.

20 may
Welsh national heroes

Who is Wales’ greatest national hero? Perhaps Owain Glyndwr, ranked seventh in a recent worldwide poll of the most influential men of the last millennium? Or William Morgan, who probably did more than anyone else to save the Welsh language? Or maybe it’s eccentric eighteenth century runner Guto Nyth Brân, who was famed for his ability to run faster than a horse over long distances.

Alun Roberts’ book features short essays on 60 men and women whom he believes warrant the title National Hero. Although dominated by sportsmen from later centuries, there is also a good smattering of people from the fields of politics and cultural endeavour. Read the press release (yn y Gymraeg).

Welsh national heroes

Details: Welsh National Heroes
Alun Roberts
ISBN: 086243 610 9
Y Lolfa

black mountains

Black Mountains is a reconstruction of the life of Alf Gordon, who worked in the coal pits of south Wales during the first half of the twentieth century. Born into rural poverty, he survived both the Senghennydd pit explosion in which 439 people died and the Battle of the Somme whilst still in his teens.

Published by Y Lolfa, this book by David Barnes is a "vivid description of places, rural crafts, mining practices and the horrors of trench warfare" and is a moving document of Welsh social history. It is based on taped conversations that Barnes had with Gordon, his grandfather, in the 60s, when Barnes was a schoolboy already fascinated by history. Read the press release (yn y Gymraeg).

black mountains - the recollections of a south Wales miner

Details: Black Mountains
David Barnes
IBSN: 086243 612 5
Y Lolfa

18 apr
the lakes of north Wales

Y Lolfa are releasing a new edition of the classic Lakes of North Wales by Jonah Jones. Although primarily for walkers, this new version with photos and maps may appeal to anyone interested in the countryside of North Wales.

"These remote and starkly beautiful lakes should also hold fascination for geologists, botanists, naturalists, historians and even engineers - quite a number of them having been created as, or transformed into reservoirs, or otherwise changed by the hand of man," points out Jonah Jones. Read the press release (yn y Gymraeg).

The Lakes of North Wales

Details: the lakes of north Wales
Jonah Jones
ISBN: 0 86243 626 5
Y Lolfa

Dylan's night of terror
Also published by Y Lolfa is The Dylan Thomas Trail by David Thomas, which reveals new information about Dylan’s extraordinary life near Newquay in Ceredigion. As well as his well-known drinking habits, David Thomas examines how Dylan survived a shooting incident at his house, Majoda, on 6 March 1945.

The Majoda shooting incident is one of many tales told in the new book, which includes details of Dylan’s superb writing done whilst he lived in the area. Certainly his time in Ceredigion inspired his play Under Milk Wood, and David Thomas writes authoritatively on the comparison of Lleregub in the play and Newquay in the 40s.

The Dylan Thomas Trail

Many walks in Ceredigion are also included in The Dylan Thomas Trail, following in the footsteps of the great author himself. Indeed, new ‘Dylan Thomas footpaths’ have now been opened by Ceredigion Council so that visitors can more easily enjoy the same walks that Dylan regularly used.

With historical references and good directions, The Dylan Thomas Trail is a must for anyone visiting the area, but armchair fans of Dylan should also be enthralled by this illustrated book about his life in Ceredigion.

Details: The Dylan Thomas Trail
David Thomas
ISBN: 0 86243 6095
Y Lolfa

28 mar
fy hanner canrif i
Mae Y Lolfa wedi lawnsio cyfres newydd o gofiannau. Y gyfrol gyntaf yn y gyfres ydy hunangofiant Emyr Price - Fy Hanner Canrif I. Mae'r gyfrol yn cyfuno hanes personol Emyr Price dros yr hanner canrif ddiwethaf gyda'r digwyddiadau a effeithiodd ar Gymru a'r Gymru Gymraeg. Bu Emyr Price yn athro, newyddiadurwr ac arloeswr ym myd darlledu ac yn y gyfrol ceir hanesion difyr o fyd gwleidyddiaeth a newyddiaduraeth, yn cynnwys agor y llen ar ei gyfnod yn golygu'r Faner yn yr 80au.

Details: Fy Hanner Canrif I
Emyr Price
ISBN: 0 86243 5803
Y Lolfa
£12.95 (clawr caled)

19 feb
Wales in pictures
The inspiring beauty of Wales is the subject of a new book published by Y Lolfa. Cymru o Hud/Eternal Wales captures the spirit and timeless grandeur of the Welsh countryside in a series of photos by Marian Delyth, with commentary by Gwynfor Evans. Read more.

Welsh rugby heroes
If you're interested in Welsh rugby, then Y Lolfa have released a book you'll love. In Welsh Rugby Heroes, Androw Bennett takes a look which players deserve a place in the Welsh hall of rugby fame. After recent miserable defeats it is important, says Androw, that we look for inspiration to the players of the past. Read the press release for more information (yn y Gymraeg).

Details: Welsh rugby heroes
Androw Bennett
ISBN: 086243 552 8
Y Lolfa

Y Lolfa have released a new book called Dyddiadur alci hypocondriac by Gruff Meredith, better known as MC Mabon. A 'diary of a dosser cruising from one bedsit and one painful disease to another', the book comes with a free MC Mabon CD. Read the blurb, and the press release (yn y Gymraeg).


dyddiadur alci hypocondriac
Gruffyd Meredith
ISBN: 0-86243-600-1
Y Lolfa

28 july
novels for learners

Several Welsh presses publish short novels written specifially for learners. Many of the books include vocabularies so that you can spend less time with your nose in a dictionary and more time getting to grips with the story! Most of the novels are suitable for people who have been learning Welsh for a couple of years or so. You can read the 'blurbs' for some of these books on the site now, and reviews will follow in due course.

All of the books in Gwasg Carreg Gwalch's series, Cyfres y Dysgwyr, have been written by Pat Clayton and include short vocabularies at the end of each chapter.

Gwasg Gomer's series, Nofelau Nawr, includes books written by a variety of well-known Welsh writers. They contain vocabulary at the bottom of the page and grammar notes at the end of the book.

Of course, no discussion of books for learners would be complete without mentioning Bob Eynon, who has written several short novels (published by Dref Wen), many of which include vocabulary, and some of which have been narrated and are available on audio cassette.

28 june
a new look at Welsh castles

Welsh Castles, by Geraint Roberts, takes a new look at forts around Wales, and pays particular attention to the part that Welsh-built castles played in the bloody battles between the Welsh and the Normans during the Conquest. Unlike many books on the subject that concentrate only on famous castles like Caernarfon and Conwy, this book also examines the history of native Welsh castles such as Dolforwyn, Dolwyddelan, Castell y Bere, and Dryslwyn. Geraint Roberts covers every period of the Conquest, and has also included a chapter on Welsh history and the development of the castle in Wales.

Read the press release (yn y Gymraeg) from Y Lolfa.


Welsh Castles by Geraint Roberts
It's Wales Issue 8
Publication date: 25 June 2001
ISBN 086243 550 1
Y Lolfa


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