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There's a huge amount of Welsh stuff out there on the web - far too much for one wee page to cover adequately. Instead of trying to give a comprehensive view of the Welsh content available, this is just a bowl of favourite cherries, picked fresh from the net just for you.

Sites for Learners

BBC Catchphrase
An excellent site containing short lessons, quizzes and sound files which learners can work through in pretty much any order. Also has a load of useful links in the web guide.

BBC Cymru - Bitesize TGAU
Revision help for the Welsh as a second language and Cymraeg TGAU (GCSE) courses.

Harry Campbell's gwybodiadur
Short of links to visit? You won't be after you visit the gwybodiadur!

Gwybodiadur: Welsh Dictionaries
A list of miscellaneous online Welsh dictionaries and glossaries.

Language Links
Twenty or so links to Welsh language sites; an anthology.

Celtic Languages
A concise comparison of words between English, Welsh, Cornish, Bretonish, and Gaelic.

Google Cymraeg
"Chwiliwyd y we am 'cwl iawn'. Canlyniadau 1 - 9 o tua 10. Amser a gymrodd y chwilio: 0.08 eiliad."

Groups and Societies

Welsh learners
New web site that's been created by the owners of the Yahoo list of the same name.

Archives of Welsh-Termau-Cymraeg
"Discussion of Welsh language technical terminology and vocabulary."

World of Wenglish
"Croeso i'r World of Wenglish. Come a join yn y fun, a sgwrsio with pobl eraill. Mae'n great."

The Chicago Tafia Welsh Society
"Whether you've emigrated from Wales [...], are from the UK or a Celtic nation, or are of Welsh descent and are interested in becoming involved, we welcome you, your ideas, and anything you believe you can contribute."

Online Lexica

Mark Nodine's Lexicon
A very useful online searchable English-Welsh/Welsh-English dictionary. Not 100% complete, but amazingly useful nonetheless!

Online rhyming dictionary
Never be lost for a rhyme in Welsh again.

TERCAW: TERmau Cyfrifiadureg Ar y We
Computing Terms on the Web

Places to Practice

Nick Davies vents his spleen... The original Welsh weblog.

BBC Cymru'r Byd
The latest news, weather, tv and loads more. You can also listen to the news in Welsh.

Useful for checking out what's coming up on both channels (terrestrial and digital) and catching up on TV you've missed.

Y Cymro
The Welsh newspaper.

Dyddiadur Llundain
"Beth sy'n digwydd yn Llundain?" A diary of events in London, in Welsh.

Faner Newydd
The website of an independently produced Welsh language magazine.

  Music Information

Welsh Bands Weekly
Sister site to CMC, this temporary site provides up to the minute news on what's happening in the WBW world with a recent exclusive from the Super Furry Animals it's one to watch.

New gig listing web site which tells you exactly who's playing where. Invaluable.

A Welsh music weblog.

Welsh Traditional Music
"This site is designed to act as one of the online homes of Welsh Traditional Music."

Traddodiadau Cerdd Cymru
Links and email addresses of various Welsh traditional musicians.

Other Music Sites

Welsh Folksongs
"Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs and Hymns of Wales; Sorted by first line of lyric and title, with title in italics."

radioacen.fm > nawr
Now playing on Radio Acen...

Bands And Their Work

Ganthrig Bwt (Harker & Meurig)
"Tales and songs from Wales and beyond, accompanied by traditional Welsh music on fiddle and crwth. An original and lively production guaranteed to charm audiences of all kinds - adults or children."

Ectoscope, Ectogram
"Often portrayed as post-tonal dronedelic psych-pop noiseniks, Ectogram create music that on first acquaintance appears to conjure up the sound of flowers bursting into bloom, the smell of freshly ground coffee and the feeling of angels walking over graves all at once."

For discussions of Ectogram.

All About Afan
"Named after a river, Welsh medieval lordship and saint (no relation), Afan perform a mixture of the traditional folk music and dance of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, North America and Northern Europe."

Brenhines y Brwyn, by Afan
Album from this Arizona-based group.

Cr Cymry - Sound Clip Index
Sound clips of an American Welsh Choir (or is that "Welsh American Choir"?).

Dangerous Age
"Absolutely everything, from Celtic Music, Irish and Welsh to traditional songs, pop, reggae, rock, 60s, 70s, even Ceihliegh dances."

Sin Phillips & Danny KilBride
"Wales's Premier Folk Fiddle and Guitar Duo."

Carreg Lafar (Echo Stone)
"One of the bands at the forefront of the Welsh traditional music scene."

ffynnon: Celtic Music from Wales
"A Celtic folk group from Wales, [who] perform songs deeply rooted in the rhythms, traditions and landscapes of the Celtic tradition."

Baggyrinkle: Swansea Shantymen
"Baggyrinkle sing in three-part harmony with some of the songs accompanied by the concertina and their programme complemented by the occasional instrumental piece."

Meic Stevens
"Beth yw yr gair am 'hippie' yn Gymraeg?"

More Bands




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