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cheat sheets

Whilst cmc isn't really attempting to teach anyone Welsh grammar, we have put together in the course of our own studies some 'cheat sheets' which have helped us learn certain grammatical points. You can either print the html page as your reference, or download a text file to customise to your own needs.

note: whenever a verbnoun or pronoun is conjugated, the following sequence is used - I, you, he, she, we, you, they. There is no 'it' so use instead 'he' or 'she', whichever corresponds to the gender of the thing you're discussing (use 'he' if in doubt).

useful phrases
useful phrases - greetings
useful phrases - please, thanks and I don't understand!
useful phrases - conversational filler
useful phrases - swearing (updated)

useful words and information
hundred most popular words
pronunciation and the alphabet
north vs south
accents and alt keys
Welsh place names
telling the time
days, months and years
pronouns, self
verbnoun stems
verbnouns that don't use 'i'
command forms
saying 'if'
making comparisons
saying yes and no - ydw, nac ydw
sentence tags - yn dydw, yn nac ydw
this, that and the other

common prespositions: about, as, at, by, for, from, in, of, on, over, to, under, with
the rest
prepositions with personal endings: i, gan, ar, at, o, am, wrth, dros, drwy, mo, heb, rhwng, yn, ar blaen, yn ôl, yn erbyn, ymhlith/ymysg, o gwmpas, ar gyfer, wrth ochor, er gwaetha
phrases using verbnouns and prepositions

the existential verb - there is
bod: present - "I am..." and "I have..."
bod: perfect - "I was..." and "I had..."
bod: future - "I will..." and "I will be..."
bod: preterite - "I have been..."

inflected preterite - "I ....ed"
irregular inflected preterites - mynd (went), dod (came), gwneud (did), cael (got)
the preterite using gwneud and ddaru
inflected future - "I will..."
irregular inflected futures - mynd (go), dod (come), gwneud (do), cael (get)

galla and medra - "I can..."
gallwn and medrwn - "I could..."
byddwn and baswn - "I would..."
dylwn - "I ought to..." and "I should..."
hoffwn and leiciwn - "I would like..."

gwybod - present and imperfect forms


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