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prepositions - personal forms

Using a pronoun after a preposition means that the preposition changes, eg.: Mae Sioned yn rhoi bisgedi iddyn nhw (Sioned gives biscuits to them).


i (to)
to me i mi/fi
to you i ti
to him iddo fe
to her iddi hi
to us inni
to you i chi
to them iddyn nhw
gan (with, i.e. possession in the Northern constructions)
with me gen i/gynna i
with you gen ti/gyn ti
with him ganddo fe/gynno fo
with her ganddi hi/gynni hi
with us ganddon ni/gynnon ni
with you gennych chi/gynnoch chi
with them ganddyn nhw/gynnyn nhw


-a i
-at ti
-o fe
-i hi
-on ni
-och chi
-yn nhw

Note: in literary Welsh, arnyn nhw, iddyn nhw etc (all examples from ar to yn in this table) become: arnynt, iddynt, ohonynt, amdanynt etc, without the 'nhw' marker.

ar (on, at, in)
on me arna i
on you arnat ti
on him arno fe
on her arni hi
on us arnon ni
on you arnoch chi
on them arnyn nhw
at (to, for, at, by)
to me ata i
to you atat ti
to him ato fe
to her ati hi
to us aton ni
to you atoch chi
to them atyn nhw
o (of, from)
of me ohona i
of you ohonat ti
of him ohono fe
of her ohoni hi
of us ohonon ni
of you ohonoch chi
of them ohonyn nhw
am (for)
for me amdana i
for you amdanat ti
for him amdano fe
for her amdani hi
for us amdanon ni
for you amdanoch chi
for them amdanyn nhw
wrth (various)
wrtha i
wrthat ti
wrtho fe
wrthi hi
wrthon ni
wrthoch chi
wrthyn nhw
dros (over)
over me drosta i
over you drostat ti
over him drosto fe
over her drosti hi
over us droston ni
over you drostoch chi
over them drostyn nhw
drwy (through, by)
through me drwydda i
through you drwyddat ti
through him drwyddo fe
through her drwyddi hi
through us drwyddon ni
through you drwyddoch chi
through them drwyddyn nhw
mo (= ddim before 'the' or particularised)
mohona i
mohonat ti
mohono fe
mohoni hi
mohonon ni
mohonoch chi
mohonyn nhw
heb (without)
without me hebdda i
without you hebddat ti
without him hebddo fe
without her hebddi hi
without us hebddon ni
without you hebddoch chi
without them hebddyn nhw
rhwng (between, among)
between me [and...] rhynga i
between you [and...] rhyngat ti
between him [and...] rhyngddo fe/fo
between her [and...] rhyngddi hi
between us rhyngon ni
between you rhyngoch chi
between them rhyngddyn nhw
yn (in)
in me yno i
in you ynot ti
in him ynddo fe/fo
in her ynddi hi
in us ynon ni
in you ynoch chi
in them ynddyn nhw
blaen (ahead of, in front of)
ahead of me o fy mlaen i
ahead of you o dy flaen di
ahead of him o'i flaen e
ahead of her o'i blaen hi
ahead of us o'n blaen ni
ahead of you o'ch blaen chi
ahead of them o'u blaen nhw
ôl (behind)
behind me ar 'n ôl i
behind you ar dy ôl di
behind him ar ei ôl e/o
behind her ar ei hôl hi
behind us ar ein hôl ni
behind you ar eich ôl chi
behind them ar eu hôl nhw
yn erbyn (against)
against me yn fy erbyn (i)
against you yn dy erbyn (di)
against him yn ei erbyn (e)
against her yn ei herbyn (hi)
against us yn ein herbyn (ni)
against you yn eich herbyn (chi)
against them yn eu herbyn (nhw)
ymhlith/ymysg (amongst)
amongst them yn eu plith (nhw)/yn eu mysg (nhw)
amongst us yn ein plith (ni)/yn ein mysg (nhw)
amongst you yn eich plith (chi)/yn eich mysg (chi)
o gwmpas (around)
around me o nghwmpas (i)
around you o dy gwmpas (di)
around him o'i gwmpas (e)
around her o'i chwmpas (hi)
around us o'n cwmpas (ni)
around you o'ch cwmpas (chi)
around them o'u cwmpas (nhw)
ar gyfer (for, on behalf of)
for me ar nghyfer (I)
for you ar dy gyfer (di)
for him ar ei gyfer (e)
for her ar ei chyfer (hi)
for us ar ei cyfer (ni)
for you ar eich cyfer (chi)
for them er eu cyfer (nhw)
wrth ochor (beside)
beside me wrth fy ochor (i)
beside you wrth dy ochor (di)
beside him wrth ei ochor (e)
beside her wrth ei hochor (hi)
beside us wrth ein hochor (ni)
beside you wrth eich hochor (chi)
beside them wrth eu hochor (nhw)
er gwaetha (despite)
despite me er ngwaetha
despite you er dy waetha
despite him er ei waetha
despite her er ei gwaetha
despite us er ein gwaetha
despite you er eich gwaetha
despite them er eu gwaetha

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