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Welsh weblogs

What is a weblog?
Weblogs, or 'blogs', are web pages of regularly updated entries, usually in reverse chronological order and usually written by an individual or group of people, rather than companies. There is as much variation in the content of blogs as there are blogs - some link to other sites of interest, some comment on the news or politics, some provide more personal insights into the author's life.

There are a number of Welsh language blogs, including our own CMC blog. Not all of the blogs listed here are updated frequently, but we'd like to draw special attention to Morfablog, Rwdls Nwdls and Marathon Llundain 2004, the latter of which is bilingual so particularly helpful for learners.

blog macsen
dwisio'r llinell
hogyn o'r achub
marathon Llundain 2004
rwdls nwdls
the linux portaloo

If you write a Welsh blog and you're not on the list, please email us.

What's so good about blogs?
For a start, blogs are easy to set up, free, and easy to update. There are a number of blogging tools you can use - websites where all you have to do is register your blog, type in your entry and press the 'publish' button. Because it's so simple to create a blog, they make the perfect self-publishing tool. You don't need to know any fancy coding at all, just how to type!

For reviews of various blog tools and resources, visit Blogroots

Why should I start a blog?
It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a more advanced speaker, writing a blog in Welsh is good for you! It will force you to use your Welsh creatively to express yourself, which is the whole reason for leaning a new language in the first place. Even if all you do is talk about the weather in a mix of Welsh and English, that's a start! So get out there, and get blogging!


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