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help us

If you would like to help us with CMC, then we would be delighted to hear from you. From distributing flyers to proof-reading, if you can help, we want to hear from you!

Fluent speakers
If you are a very advanced learner or fluent speaker and you have a good eye for detail, then we would like your help proof-reading Welsh copy. From reprints of interviews from Bandiau Cymreig Wythnosol to short stories for learners, we need volunteers to check both for typos and that the Welsh is up to snuff. If you can take on significant amounts of copy, we can pay you in kind… with t-shirts. Email us!

Distributing flyers
We have some A5 flyers which advertise the CMC web site. If you can distribute some to fellow learners, e.g. via an evening class, your local library or, Welsh society, then please email us with your name, address and the number of flyers you require. Email us!

Do you have a way with pictures? Would you be willing to help by providing us with illustrations? From the Fflwff stories to new content, we would like to make CMC a much more visually interesting site. If you would like to be involved, please email us in the first instance with either URLs of your work, or scans (not exceeding 250k) of your illustrations. Email us!

Links finders
Love the internet? Love Welsh? We find it impossible to keep up with everything that’s happening online in Welsh. If you would like to help keep our links page up to date by regularly scouring the net for new or changed Welsh web pages, please, let us know. We will then give you guidelines as to exactly what sort of links we want you to look for. Email us!


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