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hundred most popular words

There's a theory that 50% of all conversation is made up of only 100 words, and here they are in all their glory!

a - there is no word for 'a' in Welsh
after (prp) wedi
after (ad) wedyn, yna; You can also use "ar ol".
again (ad) eto
all (a) holl
almost (ad) bron
also (ad) hefyd
always (ad) bob amser (each time)
always (ad) trwy'r amser (all the time)
and (c ) a, ac
because (c ) oherwydd; achos (in conversation, also means 'cos'.)
before (prp) cyn
before (ad) cynt
big (a) mawr
but (c ) ond
(I) can (v) gallu
(I) come (v) dod
either (A & pn) y ddau, naill ai; (ychwaith is 'neither')
or (c) neu
(I) find (v) ffeindo; ffindo; darganfod (to discover)
first (a) cyntaf
for (prp) am
for (c ) oherwydd
friend (n) ffrind
from (prp) o, oddi, gan, oddi wrth
(I) go (v) mynd
good (a & n) da
goodbye (a) hwyl fawr
happy (a) hapus
(I) have (v) cael (not possession - use 'gyda' construction)
he (prn) e
hello (a) helo
here (ad) yma; Can also use "fan hyn" ~(lit. "this place")
how (ad) sut
I (pn) fi
(I) am   dw i; (in conversation, 'fi yn' is more natural, but is not acceptable in buisness writing.)
if   os
in (prp) yn, mewn
in (ad) i mewn
(I) know (v) gwybod
last (n) lest
last (a) olaf
(I) like (v) hoffi
little (a) bach
(I) love (v) cariad
(I) make (v) gwneud
many (n & a) llawer
one (n & a) un
more (n) rhagor
more (a) mwy
most (a) mwyaf
most (ad) yn bennaf ('mainly' or 'mostly')
much (n) llawer
much (a) llawer, mawr
much (ad) yn fawr
my (pn) fy
new (a) newydd
no (n) na
no (a) nid, dim
no (ad) na, nid, nage
not (ad) na(c ), ni(d), na(d)
now (ad) nawr
of (prp) o, am
off (adv) ymaith, i ffwrdd
off (prp) oddi, oddi wrth, oddi ar
often (ad) yn aml
on (prp) ar
on (ad) ymlaen (means 'forward' - the only time it means 'on' is when refering to a device, eg 'rho'r teledu 'mlaen'' (turn the TV on))
only (a) unig
only (ad) yn unig, dim ond
other (a & pn) arall; (ad) dim
other (ad) dim
our (pn) ein
out (ad) allan; Verbally in the south use "m‚s"
over (prp) dros
over (ad) drosodd
people (n) pobl; pronounced "pobol" - but the second "o" should never be written
place (n) lle
please   plis
same (a) yr un peth
(I) see (v) gweld
she (pn) hi
so (ad & c) fel, felly
some (a & ad) rhyw
some (pn) rhai
sometimes (ad) weithiau
still (a) tawel, llonydd; ('tawel' means still as in silent. To mean still as in not moving, use 'llonydd')
such (a) y fath
(I) tell (v) dweud
thank you   diolch
that (pn) hwn, hwnnw
the (def art) y, yr, 'r
their (pn) eu
them (pn) nhw
then (ad) yna; (c ) yna, hynny
then (c ) yna, hynny
there is (ad) mae 'na, yno, yna, acw, dyna, (try using "mae 'na" for a more natural feel.)
they (pn) nhw
thing (n) peth
(I) think (v) meddwl
this (a & pn) hwn, hon, hyn
time (n) amser
to (prp) I, at; The phrase "tuag at" or just "tua" is used when meaning "towards"
under (prp & ad) dan; (ad) danodd; Strictly it should be "o dan", but danodd is fine verbally. Could be confused with "y ddanodd" - toothache!
up (ad & prp) i fyny, i lan
us (pn) ni
(I) use (v) defnyddio arfer, ("arfer" means "use" when refering to something done in the past that is no longer done. e.g. "ro'n i'n arfer cymryd y trÍn" translates to "I used to take the train")
very (a & ad) iawn
we (pn) ni
what (i) beth
what (a) pa
what (pn) pa beth
when (ad & pn) pryd
where (ad) ble
which (rel pn) a, y, yr; (inter pn) pa, p'un; (a) pa, p'run
which (inter pn) pa, p'un; (a) pa, p'run
which (a) pa, p'run
who (pn) a, y, yr, pwy
why (ad) pam
with (prp) gyda
yes (ad) ie
you (pn) chi (ti); You only need to use "chi" when talking to shoolteachers, policemen, or prospective employers. It's rapidly going out of use.
your (pn) eich, 'ch

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