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telling the time

Telling the time in Welsh is pretty simple really - as you'd say 'quarter past three' in English, so you would in Welsh, although you couldn't say 'three fortyfive - that would be 'quarter to four' instead. The only other thing you need to remember is that some vigesimal numbers are used instead of the equivalent decimal number:

12 - 'deuddeg' instead of 'undeg dau'
15 - 'pymtheg' instead of 'undeg pump'
20 - 'ugain' instead of 'dauddeg', (note that it gains an 'h' after 'ar', becoming 'hugain')

3.00 tri o'r gloch
3.05 pum munud wedi tri
3.10 deng munud wedi tri
3.15 chwarter wedi tri
3.20 ugain munud wedi tri
3.25 pum munud ar hugain wedi tri
3.30 hanner awr wedi tri
3.35 pum munud ar hugain ibedwar
3.40 ugain munud i bedwar
3.45 chwarter i bedwar
3.50 deng munud i bedwar
3.55 pum munun i bedwar
4.00 pedwar o'r gloch

second eiliad
minute munud
hour awr
o'clock o'r gloch
quarter chwarter
half hanner
to i
past wedi
yn gwmws precisely
am at
tua at about
erbyn by
cyn before
ar ôl after
o ... tan ... from ... till ...
o ... ymlaen from .... onwards
rhwng ... a ... between ... and ...
What's the time? Faint o'r gloch ydy/yw hi?
It's... Mae'n... (with SM)
It's coming up to ... Mae'n tynnu at... (with SM)
It's almost Mae hi bron yn... (with SM)
It's just turned... Mae hi newydd droi...

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