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useful phrases - please and thanks

Remember that 'chi' is the plural or formal singular version of 'you', and 'ti' is the informal singular and phrases that utilise them reflect that usage. Phrases more common in South Wales with an 's', and phrases more common in North Wales with an 'n'.

Mae'n ddrwg gen i I'm sorry
Mae'n flin 'da fi I'm sorry
Esgusodwch fi Excuse me
Dw i ddim yn deall I don't understand
Dw i ddim yn gwybod I don't know
Beth ydy/yw* ... yn Saesneg? What is ... in English?
Beth ydy/yw ... yn Gymraeg? What is ... in Welsh?
Beth ydy/yw hwn? What is this?
Beth ydy/yw hwnnw? What is that?
Beth ydy/yw hwn (hwnnw) yn Gymraeg What is this (that) in Welsh?
Sut ych chi'n dweud ... yn Gymraeg? How do you say ... in Welsh?
Sut wyt ti'n dweud ... yn Gumraeg? How do you say ... in Welsh?
Os gwelwch yn dda Please
Os gweli di'n dda Please
Diolch Thanks
Diolch yn fawr Thanks very much
Dim problem No problem
Croeso (You're) welcome
Wyt ti’n iawn? (or Ti’n iawn?) Are you ok?
Beth sy’n bod? (or Be’ sy’n bod?) What’s the matter?
‘Sdim ots** It doesn’t matter
Dim byd Nothing
Dim byd o gwbl Nothing at all

*note, 'ydy' is used in the North, 'yw' is used in the South. See the present tense of Bod for more details.

** ‘Sdim is short for Does dim or There isn't/aren't

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