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useful phrases - numerals

There are two number systems in Welsh - the decimal system and the older vigesimal system. The decimal system is more commonly used now, although certain words from the older vigesimal system are still in common usage, especially when telling the time. Be thankful, though, that decimal is so popular, so you don't have to learn pedwar ar bymtheg ar bedwar hugain for ninety nine!


  • Use numbers 1 to 10 with singular noun, e.g. "tri dyn" (three men), or "naw coeden" (nine trees)
  • Use numbers 11 and over with 'o' and plural noun, e.g. "undeg naw o ddynion" (nineteen men)
  • One, two, three and four have masculine and feminine forms. Use the form that corresponds to the gender of the thing being counted, e.g. tri mab (three sons), tair ferch (three daughters), and remember to keep an eye on mutation
  • One has only one spelling, un, but causes soft mutation of feminine nouns
  • Two, dau (m) and dwy (f) always causes soft mutation of the following noun, e.g. dau fab, dwy ferch. When used with 'the', both versions themselves undergo soft mutatation, e.g. y ddau fab, y ddwy ferch
  • The masculine form of three, tri, causes aspirite mutation - this is more common in literary Welsh, but optional in speech. C is most likely to be mutated in speech, but p and t less so. Thus you may hear tri cheffyl (three horses) or tri ceffyl, but are unlikely to hear tri phaced (three packets). The feminine version, tair, causes no mutation
  • Four has masculine and feminine versions - pedwar and pedair - but neither cause mutation
  • Five, pump, drops its final p when followed directly by a noun, e.g. pum cath, (five cats), but pump o gathod
  • Six, chwech, drops its final ch when followed directly by a singular noun, and then causes aspirite mutation, e.g. chwe cheiniog (six pence). Again, p and t are not always mutated, and aspirate mutation is not consistently applied. The full length version is used for plural nouns, with a following o, or on it's own, e.g. chwech o afalau (six apples)
  • When you are talking about a group of things or people, then only use the feminine form when the whole group are feminine or female, e.g. dwy ohonoch chi means 'two of you (females)', whereas dau ohonoch chi could refer to a pair of males, or one male and one female.
  • Vigesimal numbers marked with an asterisk are still commonly in use
cardinal numerals
ordinals (1st, 2nd etc.)
decimal system vigesimal system    
0 dim      
1 un (m), un (f, SM)   cyntaf 1af
2 dau (m), dwy (f, SM)   ail 2il
3 tri (m, AM), tair (f)   trydydd (m), trydedd (f) 3ydd
4 pedwar (m), pedair (f)   pedwerydd (m), pedwaredd (f) 4ydd
5 pum(p)   pumed 5ed
6 chwe(ch)   chweched 6ed
7 saith   seithfed 7ed
8 wyth   wythfed 8fed
9 naw   nawfed 9fed
10 deg   degfed 10fed
11 undeg un un ar ddeg unfed ar ddeg 11eg
12 undeg dau deuddeg* deuddegfed 12fed
13 undeg tri tri ar ddeg trydydd ar ddeg 13eg
14 undeg pedwar pedwar ar ddeg pedwerydd ar ddeg 14eg
15 undeg pump pymtheg* pymthegfed 15fed
16 undeg chwech un ar bymtheg unfed ar bymtheg 16eg
17 undeg saith dau ar bymtheg ail ar bymtheg 17eg
18 undeg wyth deunaw deunawfed 18fed
19 undeg naw pedwar ar bymtheg pedwerydd ar bymtheg 19eg
20 dauddeg ugain* ugeinfed 20fed
21 dauddeg un un ar hugain unfed ar hugain 21ain
22 dauddeg dau dau ar hugain ail ar hugain 22ain
23 dauddeg tri tri ar hugain trydydd ar hugain 23ain
24 dauddeg pedwar pedwar ar hugain pedwerydd ar hugain 24ain
25 dauddeg pump pump ar hugain pumed ar hugain 25ain
26 dauddeg chwech chwech ar hugain chweched ar hugain 26ain
27 dauddeg saith saith ar hugain seithfed ar hugain 27ain
28 dauddeg wyth wyth ar hugain wythfed ar hugain 28ain
29 dauddeg naw naw ar hugain nawfed ar hugain 29ain
30 trideg deg ar hugain degfed ar hugain 30ain
31 trideg un un ar ddeg ar hugain unfed ar ddeg ar hugain 31ain
32 trideg dau deuddeg ar hugain
after 31st, use either just the number or rhif plus the number, e.g. rhif pedwardeg tri - forty third. Traditional ordinals do exist and follow the same pattern as above, but aren't always used. Exceptions are hundredth, thousanth, millionth and billionth.
33 trideg tri tri ar ddeg ar hugain
34 trideg pedwar pedwar ar ddeg ar hugain
35 trideg pump pymtheg ar hugain
36 trideg chwech un ar bymtheg ar hugain
37 trideg saith dau ar bymtheg ar hugain
38 trideg wyth deunaw ar hugain
39 trideg naw pedwar ar bymtheg ar
40 pedwardeg deugain
41 pedwardeg un un a deugain
42 pedwardeg dau dau a deugain    
43 pedwardeg tri tri a deugain    
44 pedwardeg pedwar pedwar a deugain    
45 pedwardeg pump pump a deugain    
46 pedwardeg chwech chwech a deugain    
47 pedwardeg saith saith a deugain    
48 pedwardeg wyth wyth a deugain    
49 pedwardeg naw naw a deugain    
50 pumdeg hanner cant    
51 pumdeg un hanner cant ac un    
52 pumdeg dau hanner cant a dau    
53 pumdeg tri hanner cant a thri    
54 pumdeg pedwar hanner cant a phedwar    
55 pumdeg pump hanner cant a phump    
56 pumdeg chwech hanner cant a chwech    
57 pumdeg saith hanner cant a saith    
58 pumdeg wyth hanner cant ac wyth    
59 pumdeg naw hanner cant a naw    
60 chwedeg trigain    
61 chwedeg un un a thrigain    
62 chwedeg dau dau a thrigain    
63 chwedeg tri tri a thrigain    
64 chwedeg pedwar pedwar ar thrigain    
65 chwedeg pump pump a thrigain    
66 chwedeg chwech chwech a thrigain    
67 chwedeg saith saith a thrigain    
68 chwedeg wyth with a thrigain    
69 chwedeg naw naw a thrigain    
70 saithdeg deg a thrigain    
71 saithdeg un un ar ddeg a thrigain    
72 saithdeg dau deuddeg a thrigain    
73 saithdeg tri tri ar ddeg a thrigain    
74 saithdeg pedwar pedwar ar ddeg a thrigain    
75 saithdeg pump pymtheg a thrigain    
76 saithdeg chwech un ar bymtheg a thrigain    
77 saithdeg saith dau ar bymtheg a thrigain    
78 saithdeg wyth deunaw a thrigain    
79 saithdeg naw pedwar a bymtheg a thrigain    
80 wythdeg pedwar ugain    
81 wythdeg un un a phedwar ugain    
82 wythdeg dau dau a phedwar ugain    
83 wythdeg tri tri a phedwar ugain    
84 wythdeg pedwar pedwar a phedwar ugain    
85 wythdeg pump pump a phedwar ugain    
86 wythdeg chwech chwech a phedwar ugain    
87 wythdeg saith saith a phedwar ugain    
88 wythdeg wyth wyth a phedwar ugain    
89 wythdeg naw naw a phedar ugain    
90 nawdeg deg a phedwar ugain    
91 nawdeg un un ar ddeg a phedwar ugain    
92 nawdeg dau deuddeg a phedwar ugain    
93 nawdeg tri tri ar ddeg a phedwar ugain    
94 nawdeg pedwar pedwar ar ddeg a phedwar ugain    
95 nawdeg pump pymtheg a phedwar ugain    
96 nawdeg chwech un ar bymtheg a phedwar ugain    
97 nawdeg saith dau ar bymtheg a phwedwar ugain    
98 nawdeg wyth deunaw a phedwar ugain    
99 nawdeg naw pedwar ar bymtheg ar bedwar hugain /cant namyn un    

100 cant (cannoedd)   canfed  
101 cant ac un      
102 cant a dau      
120 cant dauddeg cant ac ugain    
200 dau gant      
300 tri chant      
400 pedwar cant      
500 pum cant      
600 chwe chant      
700 saith cant      
800 wyth cant      
900 naw cant      

1,000 mil (miloedd) milfed
1,000,000 miliwn (miliynau) miliynfed
1000,000,000 biliwn (biliynau) biliynfed

half hanner (haneri)  
third traean  
two thirds dau draean  
quarter chwater, (-i)  
two quarters dau chwater  
three quarters tri chwater  
fifth pumed  
two fifths dau bumed  
three fifths tri phumed  
four fifths pedar pumed  
six chweched  
two sixths dau chweched  

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