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days, months and years

days of the week
dydd Llun Monday
  Mawrth Tuesday
  Mercher Wednesday
  Iau Thursday
  Gwener Friday
  Sadwrn Saturday
  Sul Sunday
For "Monday night" substitute 'Nos (SM)' for Dydd, i.e. Nos Fawrth is Tuesday Night.

day phrases
  yesterday today tomorrow
  ddoe heddiw yfory
am bore ddoe bore 'ma bore 'fory
pm p'nawn ddoe p'nawn 'ma p'nawn yfory
night neithiwr heno nos yfory

months of the year
mis Ionawr January
  Chwefror (or Mis Bach) February
  Mawrth (must use 'mis' to differentiate from Tuesday) March
  Ebrill April
  Mai May
  Mehefin June
  Gorffennaf July
  Awst August
  Medi September
  Hydref October
  Tachwedd November
  Rhagfyr December

Year Phrases
1. Blwyddyn is the basic singular word for Year, e.g. 'O'n i yn yr Almaen am flwyddyn' - 'I was in Germany for a year'.

2. Blynedd is used after numbers (except 1).

one year un flwyddyn
two years dwy flynedd
three years tair blynedd
four years pedair blynedd
five years pum mlynedd
six years chwe blynedd
seven years saith mlynedd
eight years wyth mlynedd or blynedd
nine years naw mlynedd
ten years deng mlynedd

3. Blwydd (oed) is used after numbers to mean 'years old' with the same mutation pattern as above.

4. Blynyddoedd is the plural of blwyddyn and is restricted to cases where 'years' isn't used with a number, e.g. 'flynyddoedd yn ol' - 'years ago'.

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