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  rhywbeth i bawb
Bob Eynon

Something for everyone - that’s what this book claims to be. A series of short, unrelated stories that have been, one would assume, written to satisfy a wide range of people. That little saying, though, that you cannot be all things to all men (or women) holds true, and this mishmash of fiction fails to satisfy at all.

Sometimes it’s just that the stories don’t ring true - the idea of a policeman bothering to go undercover, and take drugs, just to nick a couple of pushers is so ludicrous as to be risible. We all know that the police are after bigger fish, and have spend their time harassing motorists.

Many of these stories aren’t really stories either - they’re vignettes, not fleshed out enough to really hold attention, and with insufficient characterisation to make them believable.

But, for all that, some do work. Diplomydd threatens to be quite touching, the story of a diplomat who gave up his first love to become a diplomat. When he finally returns home he goes to look her up. Seeing a coffin being brought out of her old house, and getting only half the picture from an onlooker, he wrongly assumes she has died alone. However, coming in at three pages, it’s no more than an outline and instead of being left with a feeling of sympathy for Douglas, you’re just struck by what an idiot he is.

Each story is accompanied by vocabulary which could be greatly improved by including more words - sometimes the choice of what to put in and leave out seems to defy logic. It would also be better if the words were in some sort of order, say alphabetical, so that it’s easier to check whether the word that you’re stuck on is actually in the list.

If you like Bob Eynon anyway, you probably will enjoy this book. If you like policemen, soldiers, cowboys and Indians, you’ll love it. If you prefer something a bit more realistic, then look somewhere else.

Details: rhywbeth i bawb
Bob Eynon
ISBN 1 85596 474 0
Dref Wen



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