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  lazy way to Welsh
by Flann O’Riain

A book of Welsh cartoons by Flann O’Riain, this really is a lazy read, a total no-brainer. You don’t need to know much (if any) Welsh to understand the cartoons, but if you get stuck, there are explanations liberally scattered throughout the book. Whatever your level, you should be able to zip through this book in no time.

How much you learn from it, though, is debatable. The Welsh used is not exactly the more relaxed, colloquial Welsh that you might be used to, e.g. ‘Rydw i yn cysgu’, is used where ‘Dw i’n cysgu’ might seem more natural. It’s not that one version is more or less correct than the other, but whilst I’ve heard people using ‘Dw i’n…’, I’ve yet to hear any of my friends using ‘Rydw i yn…’ and to me it seems somewhat stilted.

Of course, this is one of the problems with learning Welsh - there are many local variations, as well at the differences between the written and spoken languages. The disclaimer that Lazy Way to Welsh isn’t attempting to teach grammar is just as well, really.

lazy way to Welsh

That said, you can pick up quite a bit of vocabulary without any real effort, which is what this book is primarily about. The combination of cartoons and captions means that you can learn a few new words and phrases quite easily just by keeping this book on your coffee table or in your toilet for spur-of-the-moment browsing.


Lazy Way to Welsh
Flann O’Riain
Y Lolfa
ISBN: 0862432405



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