It’s always nice to get a few phrases memorised. Here are a few greetings to get you started. Remember that ‘chi’ is the plural or formal singular version of ‘you’, and ‘ti’ is the informal singular and phrases that utilise them reflect that usage. Phrases more common in South Wales are indicated with an ‘s’, and phrases more common in North Wales with an ‘n’.

Helo. Hello.
Bore da! Good morning!
P’nawn da! Good afternoon!
Noswaith dda! Good evening!
Sut dych chi? How are you?
(also S’dach chi? or Shwd ych chi?)
Sut wyt ti? How are you?
(also Sut mae?, S’mae?, or Shwmae?)
Iawn OK
Da iawn Very good
Gweddol Fair/OK
Go lew (or Yn o’r lew) Fine
Dim yn ddrwg Not bad
Eitha da Quite well
… diolch … thanks
… chimod (s) … y’know
… timod … y’know
… wyddoch chi (n) … y’know
A chithau? And you?
A tithau? And you?
Beth amdanoch chi? What about you?
Beth amdanat ti? What about you?
Hwyl fawr! Goodbye!
(also Hwyl! Hwyl nawr!)
Hwyl fawr am nawr! Goodbye for now!
Hwyl am y tro! Goodbye for now!
Nos da, bawb! Good night, everybody (use only when you’d use ‘goodbye’)
Wela i chi! I’ll be seeing you!
Wela i ti I’ll be seeing you!
Da boch chi! (formal) Goodbye!