Conversational phrases

Just a random selection of really useful phrases that it’s worth memorising. Some you can use as filler in your conversations to give you time to think, others just don’t make sense when you translate them literally.

dyna ni/‘na ni there we are, that’s it
dyna ti/‘na ti there you are
‘te/de then
iawn ‘te ok then
a dweud y gwir to tell the truth
mewn gwirionedd in fact, in truth
gyda llaw by the way
beth bynnag whatever, anyway
i’r dim! perfect!
‘tydy isn’t it?
nerth dy ben with all your might
yr union beth just the thing
rhoi wybod i mi let me know
dros ben exceedingly, very much so
o’n i’n meddwl hynny I thought so
tybed I wonder
beth sy’n bod? What’s the matter?

phrases which mean ‘y’know’

phrases which mean ‘honestly’
yn onest
wir i ti
wir i chi
wir yr
yn wir

hynny phrases
ar hyn o bryd at the moment
hyd yn hyn/hyd yma so far, till now, still, yet
hyd hynny up to that time
hyn oll all this
fel hyn like this, in this way
fel hynny/fel ‘ny like that, in that way
bryd hynny/bryd ‘ny at that time
wedi ‘ny after that, then
erbyn hyn before this, by now, so far
serch hynny however, nonetheless, despite that
hyn o dro on this occasion
vague time phrases
bob tro/bob amser every time, each time
y tro cyntaf the first time
y tro yma this time
trwy’r amser all the time
yn ystod during
fel arfer usually
o dro i dro occasionally
yn aml often